grabando en ars studios

Durante parte del invierno y la primavera pasada grabé en ars estudios las canciones que ahora presento aquí.Fueron unas cuantas sesiones variopintas y espaciadas. Cada salida al estudio fué una experiencia vivida intensamente, ya que en aquellos meses  estábamos en una etapa  introspectiva, vivíamos una transición en la mi hijo estuvo sin ir a ninguna escuela. Maravillosa e intensa experiencia…


  1. This still, very disappointingly, seems to be the case? The AA data is shot and google’s search technology is far superior to the in-app POI search. Weird thing is, when I had a jail broken version of tomton NZ, it had local search – now I have paid for it, I don’t :/(astubbs has made 1 comment)

  2. Szia Panni!Jól fog kinézni, nekem tetszik!:) «Fent a faburkolatnál lenne 30+8+2 cm porotherm, hÅ‘szigetelés és a fa burkolat.» A deszkaburkolatot nem rakhatod csak úgy rá a szigetelésre, azt alá is kell lécezni, és az sem baj, ha át van szellÅ‘ztetve. A burkolat sima felületű vagy rálapolt lesz?

  3. I am trying to put this on my wifes phone but, after using the FI03 method to root, it will not allow me to flash the safe recovery kernel. When I do, it just shows the dead android with a red triangle over his belly. Am I missing something?

  4. What a great book with tons of information that I bet even if you live in Arizona you never knew. Ellen doesn’t miss a thing. The book includes pictures, addresses, phone numbers, hours and directions. Highly recommended.

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